Extremity - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ɪkˈstreməti|  American pronunciation of the word extremity
Brit.  |ɪkˈstrɛmɪti|  British pronunciation of the word extremity


- an external body part that projects from the body (syn: appendage, member)
- an extreme condition or state (especially of adversity or disease)
- the greatest or utmost degree

the extremity of despair

- the outermost or farthest region or point
- that part of a limb that is farthest from the torso


The extremity of her grief is impossible to imagine.

...made offers of aid to the refugees, and of asylum in extremity...

It is now the very extremity of the winter here.

The committee was uncomfortable about the extremity of the proposal.

the southern extremity of New Zealand

the word for a pedal extremity is 'foot'

Word forms

singular: extremity
plural: extremities
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