Facetious - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |fəˈsiːʃəs|  American pronunciation of the word facetious
Brit.  |fəˈsiːʃəs|  British pronunciation of the word facetious


- cleverly amusing in tone(syn: bantering, tongue-in-cheek)

facetious remarks


...the essay is a facetious commentary on the absurdity of war as a solution for international disputes...

...a facetious and tasteless remark about people in famine-stricken countries being spared the problem of overeating...

He was of a facetious temper.

Don't be so facetious!

... old ladies shrivelling to nothing in a forest of flowers and giant facetious get-well cards ...

If there is anything worse it is a heavy man when he fancies he is being facetious.

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