February - definition, transcription

Amer.  |ˈfebrueri|
Brit.  |ˈfɛbrʊəri|


- the month following January and preceding March (syn: feb, february)


Mum died last February.

We can do it in February.

She was allowed home on February 6th.

Francis was born on 6th February 1928.

I finally arrived February 6.

The package was postmarked 13 February.

She was born on February third, so she's an Aquarius.

We have a one-week vacation in February.

The sizzling increases in personal income of February and March.

The parliament was prorogued to the tenth of February.

The show's booked solid (=all the tickets have been sold) until February.

Barely one in three will bother to cast a ballot on February 26th.

Football authorities ordered the club to play its next two games behind closed doors after the riots in February.

Elections will be held on 14 February.

Further to your letter of February 5th, we can confirm your order.

Word forms

singular: February
plural: Februarys
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