Fierce - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |fɪrs|  American pronunciation of the word fierce
Brit.  |fɪəs|  British pronunciation of the word fierce


- marked by extreme and violent energy(syn: ferocious, furious, savage)

fierce fighting

- marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions; inclined to react violently; fervid(syn: tearing, trigger-happy, vehement, violent)

fierce loyalty

- ruthless in competition (syn: bowelless, cutthroat)
- violently agitated and turbulent(syn: boisterous, rough)

the fierce thunders roar me their music


He was killed in a fierce battle.

The proposal has faced fierce opposition.

The two teams have had a fierce rivalry for many years.

He's admired for his fierce independence.

You could see the fierce determination in her eyes.

The government's policies came under fierce attack.

She turned round, looking fierce.

These people take fierce pride in their independence.

the fierce thunders roar me their music

He has shown a fierce independence of spirit.

...the dictator had a fierce stranglehold on the country, keeping its people in poverty and ignorance...

The fierce cat uses its claws to disembowel its prey.

...immigrants to that country faced fierce prejudice and could expect to find work only as menials...

...during his solo crossing of the Atlantic he managed to avoid the fierce oceanic storms that rage in those tropical latitudes...

They supported the war with a fierce patriotism.

Word forms

comparative: fiercer
superlative: fiercest
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