Flamboyant - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |flæmˈbɔɪənt|  American pronunciation of the word flamboyant
Brit.  |flamˈbɔɪənt|  British pronunciation of the word flamboyant


- showy tropical tree or shrub native to Madagascar; widely planted in tropical regions for its immense racemes of scarlet and orange flowers; sometimes placed in genus Poinciana


- marked by ostentation but often tasteless (syn: showy, splashy)
- elaborately or excessively ornamented(syn: aureate, florid)


the flamboyant gestures of the conductor

...has a gallery of flamboyant gestures that makes him easy to imitate...

He lifted his arms in a flamboyant gesture.

She has red hair and a rather flamboyant appearance.

He was a flamboyant, excited person whose eyes darted here and there, like a child's, afraid of what they might miss.

He stooged for the flamboyant Senator

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