Fond - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |fɑːnd|  American pronunciation of the word fond
Brit.  |fɒnd|  British pronunciation of the word fond


- having or displaying warmth or affection(syn: affectionate, lovesome, tender)

a fond embrace
fond of his nephew

- extravagantly or foolishly loving and indulgent(syn: adoring, doting)

hopelessly spoiled by a fond mother

- (followed by `of' or `to') having a strong preference or liking for(syn: partial)

fond of chocolate

- absurd or silly because unlikely

fond hopes of becoming President
fond fancies


She still has fond feelings for him.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

He wished them a fond farewell.

the fond hope that the situation would change

She was very fond of horses.

My brother is fond of pointing out my mistakes.

Many of us have fond memories of our childhoods.

He gave her a fond smile.

He had fond hopes of becoming a millionaire.

He gave her a fond look.

As we parted we said a fond farewell.

hopelessly spoiled by a fond mother

He was very fond of the theater and had purchased tickets for several performances.

...between the recipes for hearty peasant dishes, the author intercalates fond reminiscences of her year in the French countryside... overbearing, bullying boss who is fond of sending invective e-mails to long-suffering assistants...

Word forms

comparative: fonder
superlative: fondest
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