Fraternity - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |frəˈtɜːrnəti|  American pronunciation of the word fraternity
Brit.  |frəˈtəːnɪti|  British pronunciation of the word fraternity


- a social club for male undergraduates (syn: frat)
- people engaged in a particular occupation(syn: brotherhood, sodality)

the medical fraternity


an atmosphere of fraternity and cooperation

...a firm believer in community service and a dedicated member of the local fraternity of Good Samaritans...

...a campaign to make the bibulous fraternity brother a collegiate archetype of the past...

...the debauchees that are legendarily found at any fraternity party...

...with elvish glee the fraternity brothers hazed the new members to the point of utter humiliation...

...the old fraternity brothers fondly recounted how their roguery used to rile the dean...

Every year the fraternity received fresh accessions of princes and nobles.

...after a night spent partying, the fraternity brothers were all severely inebriated...

Word forms

singular: fraternity
plural: fraternities
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