Gallery - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈɡæləri|  American pronunciation of the word gallery
Brit.  |ˈɡal(ə)ri|  British pronunciation of the word gallery


- spectators at a golf or tennis match
- a porch along the outside of a building (sometimes partly enclosed) (syn: veranda, verandah)
- a room or series of rooms where works of art are exhibited
- a long usually narrow room used for some specific purpose
- a covered corridor (especially one extending along the wall of a building and supported with arches or columns)
- narrow recessed balcony area along an upper floor on the interior of a building; usually marked by a colonnade
- a horizontal (or nearly horizontal) passageway in a mine (syn: drift, heading)


She owns a gallery downtown.

The movie features a gallery of weird characters.

an exhibition of African art at the Hayward Gallery

details of museums and art galleries in the city

The National Gallery has been kind enough to loan this painting to our museum.

The old factory has been transformed into an art gallery.

Each artist in the gallery has discretion over the price that will be charged for his or her work.

This painting is the jewel in our gallery.

...has a gallery of flamboyant gestures that makes him easy to imitate...

...a gallery of grotesques from some sicko horror movie...

The painting was on loan to the National Gallery from the Louvre.

Seven priced works have been sold in this gallery.

He suggested a visit to the gallery.

She bequeathed her collection of paintings to the National Gallery.

The gallery has a canvas by Paul Cézanne.

Word forms

singular: gallery
plural: galleries
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