Galvanize - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈɡælvənaɪz|  American pronunciation of the word galvanize
Brit.  |ˈɡalvənʌɪz|  British pronunciation of the word galvanize


- to stimulate to action(syn: galvanise, startle)

galvanized into action

- cover with zinc(syn: galvanise)

galvanize steel

- stimulate (muscles) by administering a shock (syn: galvanise)


The group is hoping to galvanize public opinion against the proposed law.

The Web site has galvanized support for the project.

a factory where steel is galvanized

This political platform could galvanize the American electorate.

The possibility of defeat finally galvanized us into action.

The report galvanized world opinion.

Word forms

I/you/we/they: galvanize
he/she/it: galvanizes
present participle: galvanizing
past tense: galvanized
past participle: galvanized
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