Go out - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈɡoʊ ˈaʊt|
Brit.  |ɡəʊ ˈaʊt|  British pronunciation of the word go out


- move out of or depart from (syn: exit, leave)
- leave the house to go somewhere
- take the field
- become extinguished
- go out of fashion; become unfashionable
- date regularly; have a steady relationship with (syn: date, see)


We do not intend to go out at all in Florence - I mean into society.

There's more money going out than coming in, and I'm worried about the business.

It is an absolute certainty that the Government will go out.

The Post Office workers went out before Christmas, now the electricians are out.

The robber hit him on the head with an iron bar, and he went out.

The estates went out of the family.

It has quite gone out of my head.

...there was concern that the dam would go out under the force of the flood waters...

...she enjoys going out on weekends, but during the week she's a homebody...

I thought these bell-bottomed trousers went out years ago!

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