Guilt - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ɡɪlt|  American pronunciation of the word guilt
Brit.  |ɡɪlt|  British pronunciation of the word guilt


- the state of having committed an offense (syn: guiltiness)
- remorse caused by feeling responsible for some offense


The jury determines the defendant's guilt or innocence.

His guilt in the matter was indisputable.

It was clear that the guilt lay with him.

She feels guilt over something that happened before she was born!

He used to buy them expensive presents, out of guilt.

Don't you have any feelings of guilt about leaving David?

He felt an enormous sense of guilt when he thought about how he'd treated her.

I was racked with guilt at my part in making her this unhappy.

Sometimes I felt little pangs of guilt.

He did not deny his guilt.

Guilt for poorly behaved children usually lies with the parents.

He's been troubled by feelings of guilt.

The jury will be asked to judge the defendant's guilt.

He could not escape the guilt that he felt in the inner recesses of his soul.

The court must presume innocence until there is proof of guilt.

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