Knockout - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈnɑːkaʊt|  American pronunciation of the word knockout
Brit.  |ˈnɒkaʊt|  British pronunciation of the word knockout


- a very attractive or seductive looking woman (syn: beauty, dish, looker, lulu, mantrap, peach, ravisher, smasher, stunner, sweetheart)
- a blow that renders the opponent unconscious (syn: kayo, ko)


- very strong or vigorous(syn: hard, severe)


The fight ended in a knockout.

Her dress was a knockout.

Scotland's failure to get through the knockout stage of the competition

The boxer won the match by knockout.

...with the delivery of the knockout punch, the screen blacks out, and in the next scene the boxer wakes up in the hospital...

The view from the top is a knockout.

I landed a knockout blow on his jaw.

High interest rates have been a knockout blow to the business.

Word forms

singular: knockout
plural: knockouts
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