Quarterback - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈkwɔːrtərbæk|  American pronunciation of the word quarterback
Brit.  |ˈk(w)ɔːtəbak|  British pronunciation of the word quarterback


- (football) the person who plays quarterback
- (American football) the position of the football player in the backfield who directs the offensive play of his team


- play the quarterback


He quarterbacked his high school team.

She quarterbacked the company's latest ad campaign.

She quarterbacked the new sales campaign.

quarterback is the most important position on the team

The quarterback downed the ball to stop the clock.

The quarterback made a perfect throw.

The quarterback completed 12 out of 15 passes.

The quarterback directs the offense.

The quarterback has 11 completions in 20 attempts for 80 yards.

The quarterback was forced to hurry his throw.

The quarterback was overlooked by other teams.

The coach used his own discretion to let the injured quarterback play.

The quarterback executed the play perfectly.

The quarterback's execution of the play was perfect.

The quarterback threw a bullet to the receiver.

Word forms

singular: quarterback
plural: quarterbacks
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