Recently - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈriːsntli|  American pronunciation of the word recently
Brit.  |ˈriːsntli|  British pronunciation of the word recently


- in the recent past(syn: late, lately, latterly)

he was in Paris recently


She recently graduated from college.

I was going to paint the room white, but more recently I've been considering a light blue.

I saw him recently for the first time in many years.

Only recently did they decide to move.

Until recently I had no idea where I would end up finding a job.

He has recently been promoted to Assistant Manager.

Jerry lived in Cairo until quite recently.

More recently, he's appeared in a number of British films.

I haven't seen her recently. The last time we met was at a party.

Although I've known him for years, we didn't become close friends until recently.

He was in Congress for many years but he recently retired from public life.

A new word that has recently entered the language

The actress recently fired her manager.

They recently replaced the old phone system.

The city recently built a new 1,000-seat theater.

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