Reconstruction - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˌriːkənˈstrʌkʃn|  American pronunciation of the word reconstruction
Brit.  |riːkənˈstrʌkʃn|  British pronunciation of the word reconstruction


- the period after the American Civil War when the southern states were reorganized and reintegrated into the Union; 1865-1877
- the activity of constructing something again
- an interpretation formed by piecing together bits of evidence
- recall that is hypothesized to work by storing abstract features which are then used to construct the memory during recall


They were able to determine the cause of the accident by careful reconstruction of the events leading up to it.

The police staged a reconstruction of the crime.

Detectives want to stage a reconstruction of events.

the reconstruction of Western Europe after the war

a reconstruction of a Roman villa

They began the fortification and reconstruction of the city.

They've done piecemeal repairs in the past, but the bridge now needs major reconstruction.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

the long-term reconstruction of countries damaged by the war

a skilled reconstruction of her damaged elbow

Word forms

singular: reconstruction
plural: reconstructions
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