Recur - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |rɪˈkɜːr|  American pronunciation of the word recur
Brit.  |rɪˈkəː|  British pronunciation of the word recur


- happen or occur again(syn: repeat)

This is a recurring story

- return in thought or speech to something
- have recourse to (syn: resort)


There is only a slight chance that the disease will recur.

The same problem keeps recurring.

Let us recur to what was said in this morning's meeting.

Thoughts of my childhood recurred to me as I listened to the gentle music.

The problem will recur periodically.

There is a danger that the disease may recur.

Love is a recurring theme in the book.

This is a recurring story

There is a strong probability that the problem will recur if we do not solve it now

The feverish symptoms disappear or remit soon to recur or exacerbate.

Word forms

I/you/we/they: recur
he/she/it: recurs
present participle: recurring
past tense: recurred
past participle: recurred
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