Refractory - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |rɪˈfræktəri|  American pronunciation of the word refractory
Brit.  |rɪˈfrakt(ə)ri|  British pronunciation of the word refractory


- lining consisting of material with a high melting point; used to line the inside walls of a furnace


- not responding to treatment(syn: stubborn)
- temporarily unresponsive or not fully responsive to a process or stimulus
- stubbornly resistant to authority or control(syn: fractious, recalcitrant)


...refractory players will be ejected from the game...

...believing that rules are only for other people, he's been refractory virtually his entire life...

The wound was at first refractory.

the refractory period of a muscle fiber

the obedient colonies...are heavily taxed; the refractory remain unburdened

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