Regain - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |rɪˈɡeɪn|  American pronunciation of the word regain
Brit.  |rɪˈɡeɪn|  British pronunciation of the word regain


- get or find back; recover the use of(syn: find, recover, retrieve)

She regained control of herself

- come upon after searching; find the location of something that was missed or lost (syn: find)


Take into consideration general expenses, discount, regain, and waste.

I began by degrees to regain confidence.

The family never quite regained its former influence.

He somehow managed to regain his balance.

Government forces have regained control of the city.

When she regained consciousness (=woke up after being unconscious), she was lying on the floor.

He looked stunned, but he soon regained his composure (=became calm again).

The doctors don't know if he will ever regain the use of his legs.

She regained control of herself

Both political parties are looking for ways to regain the trust of disaffected voters.

He made a bid to regain his former influence.

She could faintly hear voices as she began to regain consciousness (=wake up).

The Conservatives are hoping to regain control of the city council.

Thankfully, the pilot managed to pull out of the dive and regain control.

He failed in his attempt to regain the world title.

Word forms

I/you/we/they: regain
he/she/it: regains
present participle: regaining
past tense: regained
past participle: regained
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