Rental - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈrentl|  American pronunciation of the word rental
Brit.  |ˈrɛnt(ə)l|  British pronunciation of the word rental


- property that is leased or rented out or let (syn: lease, letting)
- the act of paying for the use of something (as an apartment or house or car) (syn: renting)


- available to rent or lease
- of or relating to rent


thousands of dollars paid in rental

There are restrictions against rentals to people with pets.

The movie is available for rental.

Boat rentals are available on the island.

I had a rental while my car was being repaired.

The price includes accommodation and car rental.

Video rental is usually £3.

Could you sign the rental agreement?

The rental car company requires a deposit for drivers under the age of 25.

...bespoke the rental car weeks in advance of their trip...

The rental company has created a blacklist of bad drivers.

You should ascertain the level of insurance cover from the car rental company.

There'll be a rental car waiting for you at the airport.

Can you accommodate me with a rental car?

one owner-occupied and three rental apartments

Word forms

singular: rental
plural: rentals
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