Rough - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |rʌf|  American pronunciation of the word rough
Brit.  |rʌf|  British pronunciation of the word rough


- the part of a golf course bordering the fairway where the grass is not cut short


- prepare in preliminary or sketchy form


- (of persons or behavior) lacking refinement or finesse
- not quite exact or correct(syn: approximate, approximative)
- full of hardship or trials(syn: rocky)
- violently agitated and turbulent(syn: boisterous, fierce)
- unpleasantly harsh or grating in sound (syn: grating, gravelly, rasping, raspy, scratchy)
- ready and able to resort to force or violence(syn: pugnacious)
- not carefully or expertly made(syn: crude)

▼ (3)


- with roughness or violence (`rough' is an informal variant for `roughly')(syn: roughly)
- with rough motion as over a rough surface(syn: roughly)


He trimmed the rough edge of the paper.

We traveled over rough dirt roads.

They hiked through rough terrain.

We were a bit shaken from the plane's rough landing.

He went through a rough patch after his divorce.

They've hit a few rough spots in their marriage.

Despite a rough start, the team won more games this season than last.

The engine is running a little rough.

Life has been treating her pretty rough.

He plays rough with the dog.

people living rough on the streets

He hit his drive into the rough.

He showed me a few roughs of the new building.

He was called for roughing the kicker.

He is rough to deal with.

Phrasal verbs

rough in  — prepare in preliminary or sketchy form
rough out  — prepare in preliminary or sketchy form
rough up  — treat violently

Word forms

I/you/we/they: rough
he/she/it: roughs
present participle: roughing
past tense: roughed
past participle: roughed
singular: rough
plural: roughs
comparative: rougher
superlative: roughest
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