Wealthy - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈwelθi|  American pronunciation of the word wealthy
Brit.  |ˈwɛlθi|  British pronunciation of the word wealthy


- having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value(syn: affluent, flush, loaded, moneyed, substantial)

wealthy corporations


He is a wealthy entrepreneur.

the wealthiest nations in the world

She is from a very wealthy family.

He left as a poor, working class boy and returned as a wealthy man.

the wealthy nations of the world

She is from a very wealthy family with a lot of social power.

Some critics say that the tax cuts only benefit wealthy people.

...working as a team, the man and his wife hired themselves out as domestics for wealthy homeowners...

...expensive clothing that only the truly wealthy can afford...

...the wealthy family had servants to clean and cook for them...

a wealthy executive who has a personal assistant

He'll even admit that he's hoping to ally himself to a wealthy family by marriage.

...the wealthy philanthropist is one of the city's most generous patrons of its symphony orchestra...

He feels that wealthy people view him with contempt because he is poor.

She was romanced by several wealthy young men.

Word forms

comparative: wealthier
superlative: wealthiest
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