Width - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |wɪdθ|  American pronunciation of the word width
Brit.  |wɪtθ|  British pronunciation of the word width


- the extent of something from side to side (syn: breadth)


What is the width of the table?

She carefully measured the length and width of the room.

The deck runs the full width of the house.

The carpet is available in several widths.

We swam ten widths in the pool.

I bought two widths of fabric.

The river was here a rapid stream four hundred yards in width.

What's the width of the desk?

It's about six metres in width.

I swam 10 widths.

A window of standard width

The length of the table is six feet, and its width is three feet.

...the dog had outstretched his legs and was lying across the width of the doorway...

The river here spreads to a width of half a mile.

We measured the length and width of the living room.

Word forms

singular: width
plural: widths
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