Windshield - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈwɪndʃiːld|  American pronunciation of the word windshield
Brit.  |ˈwɪn(d)ʃiːld|  British pronunciation of the word windshield


- transparent screen (as of glass) to protect occupants of a vehicle (syn: windscreen)


The car had a damaged windshield.

He chipped away the ice from the car's windshield.

There was an accretion of ice on the car's windshield.

...there will be freezing rain tonight, so we can expect to find a thick layer of ice overlying the car windshield in the morning...

A big bug splattered against the windshield of the car.

He watched as the windshield wipers swished back and forth.

...the steady swish of the windshield wipers...

It was so cold this morning I had to scrape the ice off my windshield.

She could see her face reflected in the car's windshield.

The glass from the shattered windshield cut into her forehead

Rain drummed against the windshield

The windshield misted over

The driver squinted as the sun hit his windshield

Word forms

singular: windshield
plural: windshields
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