Area - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈerɪə|  American pronunciation of the word area
Brit.  |ˈeərɪə|  British pronunciation of the word area


- a particular geographical region of indefinite boundary (usually serving some special purpose or distinguished by its people or culture or geography) (syn: country)
it was a mountainous area
- a subject of study
it was his area of specialization
areas of interest include...
- a part of an animal that has a special function or is supplied by a given artery or nerve (syn: region)
- a particular environment or walk of life (syn: arena, domain, field, orbit, sphere)
it was a closed area of employment
- a part of a structure having some specific characteristic or function
the spacious cooking area provided plenty of room for servants
- the extent of a 2-dimensional surface enclosed within a boundary (syn: expanse)
the area of a rectangle
it was about 500 square feet in area

Extra examples

Settlers came to this area from the east.

The group visited the area during a hunting trip.

In the area surrounding the lake

The storm caused damage in many areas along the coast.

A bird found only in remote areas of the U.S.

In many areas of the world

He is the metropolitan area's most popular politician.

He lived in an unfashionable area of the city.

She set aside a work area in the kitchen.

The dining area has extra windows.

It was his area of specialization.

He went down the steps into the area of a house.

Only cheeses made in this area may be labelled 'Roquefort.'

There were over 2 inches of rain in coastal areas.

Many areas of Africa have suffered severe drought this year.

Word forms

singular: area
plural: areas
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