Audacious - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ɔːˈdeɪʃəs|  American pronunciation of the word audacious
Brit.  |ɔːˈdeɪʃəs|  British pronunciation of the word audacious


- invulnerable to fear or intimidation (syn: brave, dauntless, fearless, hardy, intrepid)
audacious explorers
- unrestrained by convention or propriety (syn: barefaced, brassy, brazen, brazen-faced, insolent)
an audacious trick to pull
- disposed to venture or take risks (syn: daring, venturesome, venturous)
audacious visions of the total conquest of space
an audacious interpretation of two Jacobean dramas

Extra examples

They have audacious plans for the new school.

This is her most audacious film so far.

She made an audacious decision to quit her job.

It was audacious of her to try that.

This is an audacious claim, and Kramer anticipates, even encourages, the controversy it might provoke.

Nonsense wherewith the haters of improvement would belabour the audacious innovators.

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