Blown - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |bləʊn|  American pronunciation of the word blown
Brit.  |bləʊn|  British pronunciation of the word blown
- this word is a past participle form of the irregular verbto blow


- being moved or acted upon by moving air or vapor
blown clouds of dust choked the riders
blown soil mounded on the window sill
- breathing laboriously or convulsively (syn: pursy, short-winded, winded)

Extra examples

...if the tin can is blown, throw it away—the food inside is spoiled...

The ship was blown off course by a storm.

My almond tree lies prone across the court, blown down by a gale.

The wind was so strong that people were nearly blown away.

He used to have a good name but it has been blown upon recently.

They're anxious you should take no risk of being blown.

Then the bomb went off, and two of our officers were blown to glory.

I feel blown out after that heavy meal.

When blown, these bellows form two, three, or more folds.

Crazy bastard... I think he's blown his marbles.

The aircraft was blown to bits.

Part of his leg had been blown off.

We've blown our chances of getting that contract.

Your coming here has blown the whole operation.

Motown had blown all the other record companies out of the water.

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