Boast - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |boʊst|  American pronunciation of the word boast
Brit.  |bəʊst|  British pronunciation of the word boast


- speaking of yourself in superlatives (syn: boasting, jactitation, self- praise)


- show off (syn: blow, bluster, brag, gas, gasconade, swash, tout, vaunt)
- wear or display in an ostentatious or proud manner (syn: feature, sport)


When he says he's the richest man in town, he's not just making an idle boast.

We were offended by his boast that he would easily beat us.

The museum's proudest boast is its collection of rare gems.

I do hate the way Bill boasts about his new car.

Bill boasts of owning the biggest car in the neighbourhood.

'I wouldn't be afraid,' she boasted.

Amy boasted that her son was a genius.

He's boasting about how much money he has made.

The company is inclined to boast of its success.

The city boasts two excellent museums.

The Society boasts 3000 members worldwide.

It is the company's proud boast that it can deal with all a customer's needs in one phone call.

Philip's boast is that he started out without any outside financial backing.

'Making knowledge work' is the university's phrase, and it is no idle boast (=not a boast, but true).

...the hospital's operating rooms boast the very latest medical apparatus...

Word forms

I/you/we/they: boast
he/she/it: boasts
present participle: boasting
past tense: boasted
past participle: boasted
singular: boast
plural: boasts
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