Brandy - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈbrændi|  American pronunciation of the word brandy
Brit.  |ˈbrandi|  British pronunciation of the word brandy


- distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice


The finest brandies are made in Cognac.

...generously pour the brandy over the cake, which is so spongy that it will absorb most of the liquid...

He uncorked the decanter and poured a dollop of brandy into the snifter.

She gave me such a hooker of brandy that I went right to sleep.

We had a barrel of brandy which we husbanded as well as we could.

The brandy made him choke, but it restored his nerve.

I took a swallow of brandy.

Peter called the waitress over and ordered a large brandy.

There was a dribble of brandy in the bottom of the bottle.

She likes to add a drop of brandy to her tea.

He took a huge gulp of brandy.

a heady combination of wine and brandy

Brenda knocked the brandy back quickly.

He rose from the table, leaving his brandy untouched.

I keep a bottle of brandy handy - purely for medicinal purposes.

Word forms

singular: brandy
plural: brandies
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