Break off - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈbreɪk ˈɒf|  American pronunciation of the word break off
Brit.  |breɪk ɒf|


- interrupt before its natural or planned end
- prevent completion (syn: break, discontinue, stop)
break off the negotiations
- break off (a piece from a whole) (syn: break away, chip, come off)
- break a piece from a whole (syn: break, snap off)
- break a small piece off from (syn: chip, cut off, knap)

Extra examples

...the judge broke off court proceedings until after lunch...

...talks between the two sides broke off when one began making unreasonable demands...

Britain threatened to break off diplomatic relations with the regime.

In an attempt to diffuse the tension I suggested that we break off for lunch.

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