Brokerage - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈbroʊkərɪdʒ|  American pronunciation of the word brokerage
Brit.  |ˈbrəʊk(ə)rɪdʒ|  British pronunciation of the word brokerage


- a stock broker's business; charges a fee to act as intermediary between buyer and seller
- the business of a broker; charges a fee to arrange a contract between two parties
- place where a broker conducts his business


one of the country's largest brokerages

She works for a brokerage firm.

...merged with another firm to become a major player in the brokerage business... old stager who resented the young upstarts in the brokerage firm...

he worked for a brokerage house

Word forms

singular: brokerage
plural: brokerages
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