Chief - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |tʃiːf|  American pronunciation of the word chief
Brit.  |tʃiːf|  British pronunciation of the word chief


- a person who is in charge (syn: head)
- a person who exercises control over workers (syn: boss, foreman, gaffer, honcho)
- the head of a tribe or clan (syn: chieftain, headman)
- most important element (syn: main, master, primary, principal)
the chief aim of living


the chief engineer on the project

Her job is their chief source of income.

He has many concerns, chief among them his health.

...the chief of the estate was left to the eldest son...

...our chief is out on a business trip right now...

He was recently appointed chief economist at the Bank of Scotland.

One of the chief causes of crime today is drugs.

Safety is our chief concern.

The chief reason for this is that people are living longer.

She had many reasons for taking the money, but chief among them was revenge.

Los Angeles Police Chief Willie L. Williams

Most health chiefs believe the reforms have gone too far.

They offered him the position of editor-in-chief.

Native American tribal chiefs

House of Chiefs

Word forms

singular: chief
plural: chiefs
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