Come off - definition, transcription

Amer.  |ˈkəm ˈɒf|
Brit.  |kʌm ɒf|


- come to be detached (syn: come away, detach)
- happen in a particular manner (syn: go off, go over)
- break off (a piece from a whole) (syn: break away, break off, chip)

Extra examples

Come off with me and have some coffee, I'm tired of listening to this speech.

The button has come off.

You have to come off seven times before you can call yourself a rider.

The wedding came off in spite of Jim and Mary's last-minute quarrel.

All came off satisfactorily.

He came off a loser.

He came off clear.

I ran as quickly as I could, and came off with honour from the engagement.

Jerry came off cigarettes.

The local authorities had asked Judge Johnson to come off the case.

...couldn't believe that the wedding would actually come off—they've been “just dating” for years...

I was driving at ninety kilometres per hour when the front left wheel came off.

Do you think that dirty mark will come off?

Oh, come off it!

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