Constitute - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈkɑːnstətuːt|  American pronunciation of the word constitute
Brit.  |ˈkɒnstɪtjuːt|  British pronunciation of the word constitute


- form or compose (syn: be, comprise, make up, represent)
These constitute my entire belonging
- create and charge with a task or function (syn: appoint, name, nominate)
- to compose or represent (syn: form, make)
- set up or lay the groundwork for (syn: establish, found, institute, plant)

Extra examples

Women constitute 70 percent of the student population at the college.

...nine players constitute a baseball team...

Failing to complete the work constitutes a breach of the employment contract.

The rise in crime constitutes a threat to society.

We must redefine what constitutes a family.

The Federation was constituted in 1949.

Volunteers constitute more than 95% of the center's work force.

These constitute my entire belonging

The soldier's actions constitute a breach of military protocol.

...the court decided that the newspaper's reportage of the former mayor, while irresponsible, did not constitute an effort to libel him...

For Marx, workers constitute the vanguard of society.

Word forms

I/you/we/they: constitute
he/she/it: constitutes
present participle: constituting
past tense: constituted
past participle: constituted
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