Courtroom - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈkɔːrtruːm|  American pronunciation of the word courtroom
Brit.  |ˈkɔːtruːm|  British pronunciation of the word courtroom
- a room in which a lawcourt sits (syn: court)
television cameras were admitted in the courtroom


television cameras were admitted in the courtroom

She was denied entry into the courtroom.

He was searched by the guard before he was allowed to enter the courtroom.

the drama of the courtroom proceedings

A dense mass of spectators filled the courtroom.

He fought his bloodless battles in the courtroom.

...the judge debarred all of the reporters from the courtroom...

...the courtroom erupted in hoots of laughter upon hearing the witness's sarcastic retort...

The spectators hushed as the judge entered the courtroom.

He suffered the indignity of being forced to leave the courtroom.

...he limned the scene in the courtroom so perfectly I could practically see it...

...the judge directed the courtroom spectators to refrain from any outbursts when the verdict was read...

The jury filed out of the courtroom.

The prisoners were led into the courtroom.

The atmosphere in the courtroom was electric.

Word forms

singular: courtroom
plural: courtrooms
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