Degrade - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |dɪˈɡreɪd|  American pronunciation of the word degrade
Brit.  |dɪˈɡreɪd|  British pronunciation of the word degrade


- reduce the level of land, as by erosion
- reduce in worth or character, usually verbally (syn: demean, disgrace, put down, take down)
- lower the grade of something; reduce its worth (syn: cheapen)

Extra examples

The group accuses the company of degrading women in its ads.

He felt degraded by their remarks.

Scratches on a camera lens will degrade the image.

Pollution has degraded air quality.

It would degrade me to marry him.

You can't help thinking badly of any man who would degrade himself like that.

Many vitamins begin to degrade within a week after picking.

Some fire retardants degrade into toxic compounds.

He was formally degraded from the priesthood.

How can you degrade yourself by writing such trash?

The dolphin's habitat is being rapidly degraded.

He proposed to degrade prices instead of aiming to sustain them.

Word forms

I/you/we/they: degrade
he/she/it: degrades
present participle: degrading
past tense: degraded
past participle: degraded
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