Demon - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈdiːmən|  American pronunciation of the word demon
Brit.  |ˈdiːmən|  British pronunciation of the word demon


- an evil supernatural being (syn: daemon, devil, fiend)
- a cruel wicked and inhuman person (syn: devil, fiend, monster, ogre)
- someone extremely diligent or skillful
he worked like a demon to finish the job on time
she's a demon at math

Extra examples

...only in rare cases is the ancient rite of exorcism performed to cast out a troublesome demon...

...a man who was finally able to conquer his demons and kick his drug habit...

My demon is diabetes.

He's a real demon at math.

Each man worked like a demon.

He's a demon for detail and a lively writer.

...a fiery sermon on the evils of demon rum...

"demon" process

Word forms

singular: demon
plural: demons
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