Destroy - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |dɪˈstrɔɪ|  American pronunciation of the word destroy
Brit.  |dɪˈstrɔɪ|  British pronunciation of the word destroy


- do away with, cause the destruction or undoing of
The fire destroyed the house
- destroy completely; damage irreparably (syn: ruin)
- defeat soundly and humiliatingly (syn: demolish)
- put (an animal) to death (syn: put down)
The customs agents destroyed the dog that was found to be rabid

Extra examples

Eventually our problems with money destroyed our marriage.

All the files were deliberately destroyed.

The disease destroys the body's ability to fight off illness.

The bomb blast destroyed the village.

The dog had to be destroyed since its owner could not prevent it from attacking people.

The building was destroyed by fire.

Those young bulls are the most difficult to destroy.

To wait would destroy the little chance we appeared to have.

The medicine has destroyed the malignity of the poison.

The school was completely destroyed by fire.

The scandal destroyed Simmons and ended his political career.

The Bears destroyed the Detroit Lions 35-3.

One of the bulls had to be destroyed.

One tender word destroys a lover's rage. (S. Centlivre)

The fire destroyed the house

Word forms

I/you/we/they: destroy
he/she/it: destroys
present participle: destroying
past tense: destroyed
past participle: destroyed
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