Detach - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |dɪˈtætʃ|  American pronunciation of the word detach
Brit.  |dɪˈtætʃ|  British pronunciation of the word detach


- cause to become detached or separated; take off
detach the skin from the chicken before you eat it
- separate (a small unit) from a larger, especially for a special assignment
detach a regiment
- come to be detached (syn: come away, come off)
His retina detached and he had to be rushed into surgery

Extra examples

Detach the upper part of the form and return it with your payment.

During the accident the trailer was detached from the car.

The brush detaches from the vacuum cleaner for easy cleaning.

It can be difficult to detach yourself from the chaos of the situation.

She has been trying to detach herself from an abusive relationship.

It was difficult to detach the tyre from the wheel.

You can detach the hood from the jacket.

Please detach and fill out the application form.

His retina detached and he had to be rushed into surgery

Doctors have to detach themselves from their feelings.

Word forms

I/you/we/they: detach
he/she/it: detaches
present participle: detaching
past tense: detached
past participle: detached
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