Dreadful - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈdredfl|  American pronunciation of the word dreadful
Brit.  |ˈdrɛdfʊl|  British pronunciation of the word dreadful
- causing fear or dread or terror (syn: awful, dire, direful, dread, dreaded, fearful, fearsome, frightening, horrendous, horrific, terrible)
a dreadful storm
- exceptionally bad or displeasing (syn: abominable, atrocious, awful, painful, terrible, unspeakable)
dreadful manners
- extremely disagreeable and unpleasant
Don't go out, the weather is dreadful.


Her performance was absolutely dreadful.

Those children have such dreadful manners.

I intend to set out tomorrow, and to pass those dreadful Alps.

I've made a dreadful mistake.

The market price is dreadful high just now.

Don't go out, the weather is dreadful.

...millions have been slain worldwide by this dreadful disease...

If I go to bed late I feel dreadful in the morning.

I know he's done a dreadful thing, but I don't love him any the less.

Who could have perpetrated such a dreadful crime?

She had an angelic smile, but a dreadful temper.

I only got small parts, and it's dreadful to have to go on with nothing to say.

He was seized with a dreadful disease

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