Existence - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ɪɡˈzɪstəns|  American pronunciation of the word existence
Brit.  |ɪɡˈzɪst(ə)ns|  British pronunciation of the word existence
- the state or fact of existing (syn: being)
laws in existence for centuries
- everything that exists anywhere (syn: cosmos, creation, macrocosm, universe, world)
the biggest tree in existence


She began to doubt the existence of God.

...the existence of UFO's is something that people continue to argue about...

It is impossible to prove the existence of God.

The organization has been in existence for 25 years.

Scientists have many theories about how the universe first came into existence (=started to exist).

The very existence of the museum is threatened by lack of funding.

Many people question the existence of God.

I have always doubted the existence of life on other planets.

...the argument that the existence of the universe necessarily implies the existence of an all-powerful being responsible for creating it...

He argues that time is a subjective construct with no objective existence.

...as the months of recurrent combat dragged on, the daily existence of the soldiers became increasingly brutish...

...a conspiracy theory about the existence of an international cabal devoted to world domination...

...he chose not to fret about the deciduous discomforts of his existence...

...a barren and drear existence in a remote village...

...ecclesiastical laws that have been in existence for centuries...

Word forms

singular: existence
plural: existences
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