Flaw - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |flɔː|  American pronunciation of the word flaw
Brit.  |flɔː|  British pronunciation of the word flaw


- an imperfection in an object or machine (syn: defect, fault)
a flaw caused the crystal to shatter
- defect or weakness in a person's character
he had his flaws, but he was great nonetheless
- an imperfection in a plan or theory or legal document that causes it to fail or that reduces its effectiveness


- add a flaw or blemish to; make imperfect or defective (syn: blemish)

Extra examples

...that crack has flawed the vase to the extent that its value in the antiques market is greatly reduced...

A design flaw (=a mistake or weakness in the way something was made) caused the engine to explode.

Beautiful scenery does not make up for the flaws of this film.

There is a fundamental flaw in Walton's argument.

Jealousy is Othello's major flaw.

There was a hidden flaw in the airplane's design.

The book's major flaw is its brevity.

...a damning flaw in the program cost the company millions of dollars...

...found a flaw in the gun's firing...

There was one fatal flaw (=serious weakness) in his argument.

Word forms

singular: flaw
plural: flaws
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