Flop - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |flɑːp|  American pronunciation of the word flop
Brit.  |flɒp|  British pronunciation of the word flop
- an arithmetic operation performed on floating-point numbers
- someone who is unsuccessful (syn: dud, washout)
- a complete failure (syn: bust, fizzle)
- the act of throwing yourself down (syn: collapse)
- fall loosely
- fall suddenly and abruptly
- fail utterly; collapse (syn: fall through, founder)
- with a flopping sound
- exactly (syn: right)


He flopped down onto the bed.

She flopped into the chair with a sigh.

All of their attempts have flopped miserably.

The curtains were flopping around in the breeze.

The movie was a total flop.

It fell to the ground with a flop.

Tortoises flopped into the water.

She flopped as a stage actress.

She was a flop of a woman.

The beetles fell flop into the water.

I got home and flopped in front of the TV.

His head flopped back pathetically.

The film was a complete flop.

He fell with a flop into the water.

Damned if he didn't fall into the pond, flop!

Word forms

I/you/we/they: flop
he/she/it: flops
present participle: flopping
past tense: flopped
past participle: flopped
singular: flop
plural: flops
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