Graduation - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˌɡrædʒuˈeɪʃn|  American pronunciation of the word graduation
Brit.  |ɡradʒʊˈeɪʃ(ə)n|  British pronunciation of the word graduation


- the successful completion of a program of study
- an academic exercise in which diplomas are conferred (syn: commencement)
- a line (as on a vessel or ruler) that marks a measurement

the ruler had 16 graduations per inch

- the act of arranging in grades (syn: gradation)


He joined the navy after graduation.

We had a party to celebrate her graduation from high school.

They took lots of pictures at their son's graduation.

On graduation from college, she got a good job.

After graduation Neil returned to Ohio.

On graduation (=after completing a first degree), Nancy became an art teacher.

the ruler had 16 graduations per inch

She found a job soon after graduation.

He has met the basic requirements for graduation.

a graduation speech about embracing future challenges

The college invited her to speak at the graduation ceremony.

The board set tough academic standards for graduation.

She had a feeling of great anticipation before her graduation ceremony.

He bestowed a new car on their son for graduation.

...the best quality a graduation speech can have is brevity...

Word forms

singular: graduation
plural: graduations
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