Grief - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ɡriːf|  American pronunciation of the word grief
Brit.  |ɡriːf|  British pronunciation of the word grief


- intense sorrow caused by loss of a loved one (especially by death) (syn: brokenheartedness, heartache, heartbreak)
- something that causes great unhappiness(syn: sorrow)

her death was a great grief to John


He has been unable to recover from his grief at his son's death.

She was overcome with grief.

the joys and griefs of our lives

I've had enough grief for one day.

Trying to fix the computer isn't worth the grief.

He's taken a lot of grief from his friends.

His friends have been giving him a lot of grief.

The grief she felt over Helen's death was almost unbearable.

Charles was overcome with grief.

Every change in our lives brings with it griefs.

You'll save yourself a lot of grief if you check the measurements first.

her death was a great grief to John

Good grief!

I was overcome with grief and rage.

...a succession of personal tragedies had benumbed him to all grief...

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