Grinding - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈɡraɪndɪŋ|  American pronunciation of the word grinding
Brit.  |ˈɡrʌɪndɪŋ|  British pronunciation of the word grinding
- this word is used as a present participle form of the verb 'to be'to grind


- material resulting from the process of grinding

vegetable grindings clogged the drain

- a harsh and strident sound (as of the grinding of gears)
- the wearing down of rock particles by friction due to water or wind or ice (syn: abrasion, attrition, detrition)


a country devastated by civil war and grinding poverty

She kept grinding the car's gears.

I could hear the gears grinding.

Though his forte was never the novel but the novella, he paid the rent by grinding out novel after novel ...

Yes, I'm still grinding away at the same old job.

Frank just keeps grinding out detective stories.

...years of grinding poverty that had reduced them to a subhuman existence...

When will the pianist stop grinding out the same old tunes?

pulverized sugar is prepared from granulated sugar by grinding

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