Gruff - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ɡrʌf|  American pronunciation of the word gruff
Brit.  |ɡrʌf|  British pronunciation of the word gruff


- brusque and surly and forbidding(syn: crusty, curmudgeonly, ill-humored, ill-humoured)

gruff manner
a gruff reply

- deep and harsh sounding as if from shouting or illness or emotion(syn: hoarse, husky)

gruff voices
the dog's gruff barking


Don't be fooled by his gruff manner—he's really very kind.

He spoke in a gruff voice.

His manner can be rather gruff.

His voice became gruff.

Bill's voice was thick and gruff.

Word forms

comparative: gruffer
superlative: gruffest
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