Hang on - definition, transcription

Amer.  |ˈhæŋ ɑːn|
Brit.  |hæŋ ɒn|


- fix to; attach (syn: append, tack)
- be persistent, refuse to stop (syn: hold on, persevere, persist)
- hold the phone line open (syn: hold on)
Please hang on while I get your folder

Extra examples

I'll hang on here until the others come.

Please hang on while I get your folder

The result will hang on whether the secret is discovered.

Hang on a minute - let me catch my breath!

With one man sent off, the team had to dig deep and hang on for a draw.

Hang on while I grab a cup of coffee.

Just grit your teeth and hang on - it'll be over soon.

Don't worry. Just hang on in there.

Hang on tight!

Hang on! I'll be back in a minute.

I think I'll hang on to the documents for a bit longer.

Should they hang on in the hope that the shares will soon be worth serious money?

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