Hold on - definition, transcription

Amer.  |həʊld ɑːn|
Brit.  |həʊld ɒn|


- hold firmly (syn: grasp)
- stop and wait, as if awaiting further instructions or developments (syn: stop)
- be persistent, refuse to stop (syn: hang on, persevere, persist)
- hold the phone line open (syn: hang on)
- retain possession of (syn: keep)

Extra examples

If a branch is near you, hold on until we can get a rope.

Hold on, I shan't be a minute.

Hold on down the road until you come to the railway crossing.

...the ancient beliefs still held on in remote mountain villages...

...hold on a minute—it's not your turn...

Hold on!

Hold on to that boyfriend of yours—he's a keeper!

She tightened her hold on the handle.

Rebel forces have consolidated their hold on the region.

The company has a tenacious hold on the market.

Mr Quinn is simply concerned to hold on to his job.

Hold on while I find a pen.

Hold on. Let me just fix my face (=put on make-up) before we go out.

Hold on, I'll just get my coat.

Hold on a minute! Isn't that your brother's car over there?

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