Immense - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ɪˈmens|  American pronunciation of the word immense
Brit.  |ɪˈmens|  British pronunciation of the word immense


- unusually great in size or amount or degree or especially extent or scope (syn: huge, vast)
the Los Angeles aqueduct winds like an immense snake along the base of the mountains
immense numbers of birds
at vast (or immense) expense

Extra examples

He inherited an immense fortune.

She is an artist of immense talent.

People who travel by rail still read an immense amount.

Regular visits from a social worker can be of immense value to old people living alone.

...the sum of human knowledge is now so immense that even a highly educated person can hope to absorb only a tiny quantum of it...

...don't let their promises of immense riches bedazzle you... anyone who beholds the immense complexity of life on earth...

This affair had let to the contraction of an immense debt.

From the heights of the mountain immense avalanches often descend.

There was an immense chandelier suspended in each of these rooms dwarfing the apartments.

The lurid reflection of immense fires hung in the sky.

We see an immense flock of geese making up the stream.

The town takes immense pride in recent achievements.

Dealing with children who are so damaged calls for immense tact and sensitivity.

The immense pressure causes the rock to fracture.

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