Impulse - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈɪmpʌls|  American pronunciation of the word impulse
Brit.  |ˈɪmpʌls|  British pronunciation of the word impulse


- an instinctive motive (syn: urge)
profound religious impulses
- a sudden desire (syn: caprice, whim)
he bought it on an impulse
- the electrical discharge that travels along a nerve fiber
they demonstrated the transmission of impulses from the cortex to the hypothalamus
- (electronics) a sharp transient wave in the normal electrical state (or a series of such transients) (syn: pulsation, pulse)
- the act of applying force suddenly (syn: impetus, impulsion)
the impulse knocked him over
- an impelling force or strength (syn: momentum)

Extra examples

He has to learn to control his impulses.

...the new auto factory was just the impulse that the local economy needed...

Jim resisted an impulse to smile.

Marge's first impulse was to run.

Gerry couldn't resist the impulse to kiss her.

On impulse, I picked up the phone and rang her.

Most beginners buy plants on impulse and then hope for the best.

The eye converts light signals to nerve impulses.

It is the passions which provide the main impulse of music.

...the publisher hopes the flashy cover will candy up the novel for impulse buyers...

... I infer that Swinburne found an adequate outlet for the creative impulse in his poetry ...

...rustic yokels whose first impulse was to smirk gawkily at anyone not of their own kind...

He hastily checked the impulse.

His first impulse was to spring forward.

The stimulus facilitates a delayed impulse

Word forms

singular: impulse
plural: impulses
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